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It is the Policy of Pro Jiu Jitsu to establish, provide and maintain training conditions that are safe and healthy with adequate welfare facilities and arrangements, whilst conforming to appropriate safe codes of conduct. Pro Jiu Jitsu will provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to all Instructors, Students and Visitors so that their activities do not put them, their fellow students, instructors, visitors or members of the public at risk. Pro Jiu Jitsu recognises its obligations under international and local health and safety legislation, to implement such arrangements as are appropriate for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of all preventative and protective measures. Pro Jiu Jitsu will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safe selection, use, maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment at the facility within which it operates. An equal standard of care will be taken to cover all substances for use at the premises, which are inherently or potentially dangerous, including handling, storage and transport. Pro Jiu Jitsu will take all reasonable care and practicable measures to ensure that safe access and egress from its facility is maintained at all times. All instructors, students and visitors must carry out any necessary duty required by law and co-operate with Pro Jiu Jitsu to allow legal obligations to be met. Any equipment provided for health and safety purposes must be properly used and any issues arising which may affect the health and safety of the aforementioned group must be raised with Pro Jiu Jitsu that corrective actions may be taken in a timely manner. The Academy will consult with instructors and students and/or their representatives when reviewing this policy and any resultant organisation and arrangements. The contribution from students and/or their representatives is viewed as essential in achieving a safe and healthy training environment.





Norbert Nowak Head Instructor & Founder of Pro Jiu Jitsu


1st April 2023 Review Date 1st April 2024

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