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  • Can I trial a class before I sign up?
    Yes absolutely, we offer a FREE 2 consecutive day trial to all new students. We want to ensure that our gym is the correct fit for you and as such invite you to attend any of the basic classes that align with your schedule. Please call ahead to ensure the instructor is aware that you will be attending and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the first class as we'll need to run through some health and safety documents before you start.
  • Is the gym beginner friendly/which class should I try first?
    As a new starter we would encourage you to try both the Gi and No-Gi basic classes. This will give you an insight into each style and allow you to experience both styles of training.
  • What should I wear to my first class?
    For your first class we advise that you wear comfortable gym clothing, preferably without zips (e.g. A t-shirt and shorts). Equally, if you already own a gi then we are happy for you to wear this. Please also bring footwear for when not on the mats. To ensure good hygiene practices you must wear footwear at all times when off the mats and never on the mats.
  • How does the monthly direct debit system work?
    How does the monthly direct debit system work? The payments are taken on a monthly basis from the date you sign up (i.e. you sign-up on the 20th March, the first payment will be taken on the 20th March and will entitle you to train until the 19th April. The second payment will be taken on the 20th April and will entitle you to train until the 19th May). Is there a minimum contract term? Yes, we have a six-month minimum contract term. After this you contract becomes a rolling month to month contract. What happens if I am unable to train or wish to change my contract? In the first instance please speak to us. Under certain circumstances we are able to temporarily freeze your membership allowing you to resume at a later date. Please note that this also freezes the contract minimum term. In addition, if you would like cancel your contract please speak to us. For both of the above options we require two weeks notice in order to enact the changes. There is no cancellation fee for contracts beyond their minimum term.
  • Do I have to wear a rash guard?
    Yes, in the interests of hygiene please wear a rash guard both in No-Gi and underneath your Gi when training. You will not be permitted to train without.
  • Where can I get a uniform?
    We maintain a stock of gis, rashguards and shorts at the club and you are welcome to discuss purchasing from reception. Our uniform policy requires club rashguards and shorts for no gi classes but you are welcome to purchase your gi online. We would recommend that you stick to royal blue/ black or white in the first instance as these tend to be competition legal with the IBJJF.
  • Is there parking?
    The gym doesn't have a private car park however street parking is available within the vicinity.
  • What facilities are available?
    ​The gym offers male and female changing rooms with shower and wash facilities.
  • Am I too old to start Jiu Jitsu
    You are never too old! Our basic classes are a great introduction to the sport and there is no obligation to spar. Simply advise the instructor and you training partner and take things at your own pace. We work as a team to develop all members.
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