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These classes focus on takedowns and pins and are great for developing explosive strength and agility.


The class teaches Olympic wrestling but is also a great accompaniment to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Whether you want to learn how to wrestle or are looking to develop more skills for a different combat sport then this class is a must.


Classes include drills that are focused on improving your stamina and agility, as well as specific sparring to help refine your techniques. ​


This class is suitable for all levels.



  • Enjoy your journey

  • Be patient with your progress

  • Focus on the positives

  • Ask questions, but don’t overthink itaccept that you won’t understand everything straight away

  • Don't focus on winning but rather on learning as much as possible

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Uniform Rules

No shirtless training. Rash-guards are to be worn underneath the Gi in Gi Classes. Shorts must be worn over spats in No-Gi Classes. Members must only get changed in the changing rooms provided. Please be sure to remove all jewellry before training.


Clean equipment at all times. Cut your finger and toe nails. Maintain good hygiene, keep all nails cut to prevent any accidents such as scratching and broken nails. Every time you wash your gi, wash your belt and rash guard too.

No shoes on the mats.

No shoes on the mats. No bare feet off the mats. For hygiene reasons, when stepping off the mat, do not walk around with bare feet, wear sandals or shoes at all times. The only shoes permitted on the mat are wrestling/grappling shoes.

Do not train with skin infections or illnesses

Do not train with skin infections or illnesses If you have a skin infection, rash or sore, please don’t come to training. Please seek medical advice on treatment and follow your doctor's advice. If you are ill, please stay home to avoid passing anything to your training partners. Work on your weaknesses in training.

First Time Visitors

If you are visiting the gym for the first time please arrive at least 15 mins early to get set up.
Reception will be closed once the lessons have begun therefore late visitors will be turned away. Visitors and non-members are only permitted to attend beginners classes from Tuesday to Friday.


  • For No-Gi classes, rash guards and shorts are to be worn.​

  • Please ensure you observe basic hygiene and train in a clean and dry Gi. Students are requested to wear a rash guard or T-shirt under their gi.

  • No footwear to be worn on the mat and footwear to be worn all times off the mat.​

  • If you plan on wearing spats/leggings, please know that you will be required to wear shorts or gi pants over them.​​

  • Please make sure all nails are also trimmed.

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