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Your child will learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a fun and safe environment. The classes include games and drills which will help develop their skills whilst building confidence. We aim to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere so that your child will not only learn Jiu Jitsu but will make new friends in the process.

Pro Jiu Jitsu takes inclusion and discrimination very seriously so please note that children’s classes are mixed ages, genders, beliefs and ethnicities where children will be expected to train together without exception.  Everyone trains together.

Where possible *and* at the coaches discretion, children will be paired with training partners of equal and proportionate age, size and ability to prevent risk of injury. When they are ready, they will be paired with others as training with different sized partners affords children the experience of managing opponents of different shapes and sizes, as they may find in real life.

Pro Jiu Jitsu coaches have many years of experience in teaching children in a fun yet disciplined environment, we appreciate the trust that parents place on our coaches and must ask that parents do not attempt to intervene with the coaches decisions, as this may put unnecessary pressure on their children or potentially pose a safety risk to them.

We understand that parents simply want the best for their children, however it is our experience that in some instances the energy displayed can develop into negative experience for the child participating. It is often the case that children see Jiu Jitsu as simply fun, and do not see the additional benefits such as confidence, discipline and respect. We find this approach the best way to learn and as such we expect children to not feel under pressure from anyone to always win or to perform. We believe that they should just be encouraged to try their best and to have fun. We have found that parents play a large part in the Jiu Jitsu experience for their children and by placing an emphasis on fun and not winning, you can ensure that your child has a long and healthy future in Jiu Jitsu.



  • Encourage your child

  • Stay calm

  • Don’t fret over bumps and bruises

  • Help your child prepare

  • Do not coach your child, leave any coaching to the instructor

  • Lead by example

  • Focus on the positives

  • Don’t push your child too hard

  • If you have a complaint, bring it to the instructor

  • Do not leave your child unattended



Uniform Rules

No shirtless training. Rash-guards are to be worn underneath the Gi in Gi Classes. Shorts must be worn over spats in No-Gi Classes. Members must only get changed in the changing rooms provided. Please be sure to remove all jewellry before training.


Clean equipment at all times. Cut your finger and toe nails. Maintain good hygiene, keep all nails cut to prevent any accidents such as scratching and broken nails. Every time you wash your gi, wash your belt and rash guard too.

No shoes on the mats.

No shoes on the mats. No bare feet off the mats. For hygiene reasons, when stepping off the mat, do not walk around with bare feet, wear sandals or shoes at all times. The only shoes permitted on the mat are wrestling/grappling shoes.

Do not train with skin infections or illnesses

Do not train with skin infections or illnesses If you have a skin infection, rash or sore, please don’t come to training. Please seek medical advice on treatment and follow your doctor's advice. If you are ill, please stay home to avoid passing anything to your training partners. Work on your weaknesses in training.

First Time Visitors

If you are visiting the gym for the first time please arrive at least 15 mins early to get set up.
Reception will be closed once the lessons have begun therefore late visitors will be turned away. Visitors and non-members are only permitted to attend beginners classes from Tuesday to Friday.

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  • Please ensure you observe basic hygiene and train in a clean and dry Gi. Students are requested to wear a rash guard or T-shirt under their gi.

  • Please ensure you wear clean shorts & t-shirt. However, if you already own a gi please wear it on the class.

  • No tracksuits, hoodies or shorts with zips/pockets.

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